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So you are ready for your next great website project. You have the idea for what your next site is going to be, you have a great domain name picked out, now what do you do next? The most crucial aspect of starting any website project is deciding on the best solution for website hosting. Many factors play a role in that decision, here are a few to consider and help guide you in that decision.

Which application will you use to run the site?
These days there are many options to choose from.  Our go to choice is using WordPress.  It is open-source, mobile optimized, and with thousands of themes and plugins to utilize the sky is truly the limit.   Others to consider are: Joomla, Magento, or a DIY solution like VIRB or Squarespace.  Many hosts have tailored setups and cPanels for these popular web platforms, if your are using WordPress we suggest getting started with website hosting here.

What genre will your site fall under and how much traffic will it get?
Will you be the next big hit in blogging, or will your new online store rocket you into success?  Depending on the volume of traffic, and what sort of content you will be displaying on your site, not all hosts are created equally. You need to be sure they have the memory and bandwidth capacity to handle all the traffic and beautiful content for your next site.  To help get started on your next site, a great place to start is ThemeForest.  With tons of templates to choose from on various platforms it hard to go wrong.

Choose the best Website Hosting solution.

Now let’s pick the  website hosting company.
Three main factors to consider when choosing your host are:

  1. Speeds: Here are some things to consider; make sure the page load speeds are quick!
  2. Security: Make sure the hosts provide sufficient safe guards against hacking and technology vulnerabilities.
  3. Support: Whether you are an expert or a novice, you are going to need to reach out to support eventually.  You will want a host who provides on call support 24/7, and that has a sufficient hosted cPanel to allow you to make the needed changes to your hosting account.

With all these things in mind our go to choice is always website hosting with SiteGround.  They offer optimized website hosting for WordPress and guarantee over 99.9% uptime, and have 24/7 on call tech support.

Always great to work with, you can sign up for website hosting HERE.

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